Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Moving forward.

As I have posted earlier, I had been training for, and embarked on, what was supposed to be a 43 miles hike of the NJ section of the Appalachain Trail. Sadly, one day into the trip a member of my hiking group tweaked their knee and we couldn't go any further. I won't blame anyone because it is not the injured member's fault, but I was, and still am, very disappointed

I refuse to let this deter my adventures though! The day after I returned from the aborted backpacking trip I took a nice ten mile day hike to work out all that energy and to get a great hike. I learned something interesting on this hike: weather it's a flooded mine or a flooded trail, I always end up thigh deep in cold water...

Also, if you look through older posts you will find a minimalist backpacking set up. After modifying this load out a bit, I have come to a conclusion and will be fielding it this weekend. Check back then!

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