Monday, January 24, 2011

Cabin Fever.

You can get out there in the winter, and I'm lucky I have been, but when your not out there winter is awful. I've been "anti-winter"  for along time now. I've just realized now that winter is not the end of the outdoor season and since then I've gotten out three times. Nowhere near the amount of times I do in better weather or as much as I would like to get out even though its winter but still OK. When I'm hiking in the snow I enjoy winter. It really is a whole different world. It really keys the phrase "new season, new hike." I need to get out more though because winter at home is..... suckish.... at best. But we'll get through. I'm not going to invest in winter backpacking gear this season, maybe next year. I'll stick to hiking for now and come spring break out the framed packs, shelter systems, and everything else. I just hope the warm weather comes soon.


  1. Winter is a nice place to visit but I sure hated living there.

  2. I love hiking and camping in the winter,no bugs,no people,peace and quite,what more could you ask for.

    I have been held back some this winter though as I have had knee surgery so now im getting cabin fever for sure and cannot wait to get out and about.

    Nice blog by the way and I look forward to reading more of your adventures.